Hello world!

As my first post, I’m afraid this might not be very exciting.

I would like to begin by giving thanks to the Reform Symposium 2011 for choosing my name and to Edublogs for donating this blog.  I have always wanted to begin blogging, but I’ve never felt like I had much to offer.  Hopefully, those I follow and those who know me will enjoy a bit of what I write and share.

I must admit that although I do feel like I embrace technology, I am having trouble doing some of the things I want to do.  For example, Justin Tarte has a column of blogs that he follows.  In front of each one of them, he has added a symbol — I have yet to figure out how to do that.  Well … one day soon. 🙂

As I share my experiences as a mentor, I do hope others will add comments.  I know that around the globe, teachers struggle with similar issues regarding student achievement, politics, and social norms.  Together, we can do more.  As Steven Covey describes in one of his 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, “synergy” is what needs to happen in our profession.  Through the RSCon11, I have now established my own PLN through Twitter and various links to blogs of influential people.

In our district, since this process of mentoring and peer evaluating is so new, we have an analogy that we like to use.  I am going to adopt that for my blogging as well.  “I am sailing on a ship that I am still building.”