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I have come to a frightening conclusion … I am addicted to information. “Hi, my name is Sylvia, and I am an information hoarder.” (LOL)

I laugh because my colleagues all act aghast when I have a blog / article / website / page to share.  Tada!  Where do I get all my wonderful ideas????  My PLN!!! So, last year at the end of the year, I received the “Email Award” (that’s as close as they had to “being on the Internet / Twitter / Blog Award 🙂 ) … This year, the new joke is “they are feeding my addiction.”  And it truly is for fun.  I have a wonderful “family” in my mentor cadres … and thankfully, I have a fantastic PLN that makes me look good locally. 🙂

So … what jewels did I uncover this month?  Here are my top 5 posts.  And, believe me, there are so many good things happening in our world of education, leadership, and collaboration. But, did you catch these 5?

1.  Listen @ Authentic Teaching by Willy C. Cardoso

I really enjoyed this blog about a teacher journey into teaching.  His experience reminded me of the power we have as educators in our students’ lives.  His English teachers may have done special things or not, but their mere passion for learning provided a model for this student to follow in their footsteps.  (My interpretation, that is.)

2.  Social Superhero Top Trumps:  Twitter (Spider-man) vs. Facebook (The Hulk) vs. Google+ (Silver Surfer) @ All Twitter by Shea Bennett

Infographics have definitely grabbed my attention as of lately.  I am fascinated by this new digital media.  I really like this post because I think it shows a high degree of thought and fun!  I believe that a new literacy that our students need to be able to decipher is the Infographi, and I believe it may be one that a lot of schools are missing because it is being shared primarily on Twitter.  Maybe one of my next pet projects is literacy curriculum writing with these texts.

3.  The Messiness of ‘With’ @ Rush the Iceberg by Stephen Davis

Stephen gives credit for this blog idea to @mrmacnology.  I really liked the simplicity of this post.  I recently read a tweet (forgive me for not remembering the author) that said “Simplicity is underrated.”  The power of this post is that it juxtaposes “the messy with” with “the clean from.”

4.  When Jerks Comment @ doug — off the record by Doug Peterson

Thanks to @ShellTerrell’s #30Goals, I have a new fascination with teaching Digital Citizenship instead of shutting it out.  Just as I believe that everyone should have the Freedom of Speech (even if I don’t like what they say), I don’t want to censor adults because I don’t want to be censored.  So, how do we walk the tightrope of using a world wide web – with all the jerks, creeps, and nay-sayers – with our precious students – we teach them.  Doug gives some practical wisdom in helping our students make wise decisions regarding when to speak and when to be silent.  Lessons that are hard to learn, even as adults. 🙂

5.  Not better, but Different @ Ideas and Thoughts: Learning Stuff since 1964 by Dean Shareski

This post tweet caught my attention earlier this evening as I was coordinating a training schedule.  As I often do, my tweet deck feeds me interesting tweets, if I see something interesting, I will quickly click on the link to peruse later.  (Colleagues also find my internet browser page quite humorous because I usually have 20-30 tabs of “interesting” sites.)  What an epiphany in photos this provides when people feel that computers have caused so much harm to our literacy rates!  A must see/read for everyone.

I know these are not my most popular posts, but I do love sharing great ideas.  I guess that is why I love working face-to-face with wonderful colleagues and collaboration on a global scale with terrific educators.  I am so thankful for the people that have introduced me to knowledge and wisdom from around the world.  Please keep sharing — you can all now feed my addiction to knowledge.  Maybe it’s contagious. 🙂



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