Favorite Posts for September

I can’t believe it is already October, 2011.  This year is off to a fast start.

So, what I have I learned from the world of educators this month …



1.  “You Matter” posted by Doug — Off the record.

This post features a Tedx Video presentation by Angela Maiers (@AngelaMaiers) where she discusses the idea that we are all “created for significance.”  Her three steps, I believe, can change a culture of a classroom.  Her examples are heartfelt and life-changing.  (On my computer, the video would stop, but the audio continued.  The audio is powerful even without seeing all the video.)

2. “Building Professional Trust” by JJohnson

Reflection is a focus of our district this year.  This post reminded me of my 1st favorite post simply because we have to trust in the systemic value of trusting each other to be authentic and excellent teachers.  Our position matters – what we do counts not only in student learning, but in establishing a foundation for the next teacher’s success.

3.  “Twenty Everyday Ways to Model Technology Use for Students” by Heather Wolpert-Gawron

When I shared this blog post with colleagues, many of them responded with “practical,” “useful,” “neat,” “thanks, I can use this.”  The ideas are similar to “high tech learning in a low tech environment.”  It’s not about the technology as much as it is about the thinking.  Definitely worth reading and sharing.

4.  “10 Ways to Restore Emotional Energy” by Kevin Martineau

As  my new teachers were reaching the mid-quarter point this year, I felt many of them drained from the constant work – thinking, planning, modeling, grading, inspiring … with their students and colleagues.  So, I was inspired to share Kevin’s post because it talks about ways to survive the “survival phase” of teaching.

5. “Twenty Tips for Creating a Safe Learning Environment” by Rebecca Alder

This is another wonderful Edutopia find.  Again, my new teachers have been trying to solve the “classroom behaviors” issues in each of the classes.  Sometimes the behavior problems are management concerns and sometimes they are instructional concerns.  These 20 tips help examine both sides of the concern while embedding positive social skills.

6.  “Using QR Codes to Create Educational Poster” by Alice Keeler

Ok, so I am totally cheating with this one.  I discovered it this morning and was amazed at the ideas shared.  Using technology is my vice, and her ideas will be shared later this week with my colleagues.  Through a ink in the post, she shares her GoogleDocs slides with ideas for all subjects.

There were some amazing responses to 9-11 that I was able to share – including some awesome photos and headlines.  With so many to choose from, I decided to focus on the ones I used this month – with my new teachers, my colleagues, and my SpringBoard community.  Thank you to all educators who freely share their ideas, strategies, techniques, and resources.

Which ones do you find useful?

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  1. You are so very welcome. You deserve it for all the inspiration you provide teachers with your gardens. 🙂

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