Goal 1: Me Manifesto #30Goals

I must admit … I’m SO EXCITED!  Last year, when I discovered Shelly Terrell, her website “Teacher Reboot Camp,” and her #30Goals initiative, I felt like that was exactly what I needed to REBOOT.  So … here we go again … #30Goals in 2012!



My Manifesto

I believe that all students deserve the opportunity to pursue a future via a variety of options – college, career technical education, and/or vocational apprenticeships.

I believe that all students should be taught in a manner that respects their readiness level, interest, and learning style.

I believe that students should be provided with an education that will prepare them for a global society that treasures problem-solving, creative and critical thinking, and technology.

I believe that all new teachers should be provided with the support needed to meet the educational and professional needs that impact student learning.

I believe that all schools, teachers, and students should have access to the technology necessary to prepare themselves for ethical citizenship in the future.

I hope that my role as a mentor helps teachers fulfill their obligations in the profession, in the classroom, and in their personal lives.

If my dreams were to come true, I would like to see all our students become life-long learners, citizens in a free society, a society that promotes liberty and freedom for all.

If my dreams were to come true, our students would lead the future with scientific endeavors, impressive inventions, and positive words that inspire others to be the best that they can be.

This is My Manifesto.


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2 thoughts on “Goal 1: Me Manifesto #30Goals

  1. Thank you! I was inspired by yours and others. I always seem to get behind the curve. I hope to catch up soon. Thanks for the feedback … I do love myself some parallelism. 🙂

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